Does ELO Boost work? Who would have thought!

does elo boost worksHow does elo boost work? Well to be completely honest it’s one of the most common questions that you will find by players that have no experience with this type of thing although it’s very simple and much more safer than you might think, so first of all this is done by players who are very skilled at the game, ones that are playing for years and most of which are very reknown within the gaming community although they prefer not to make public their activities in the boosting market given the bad connotation that such thing carries.


So the way it works is by simply making sure that the account is safe first of all and that means no bans or anything like that beforehand, and then giving the account to a super skilled player to play as if it was you, just like they do in and once they play they will gain the rank that you paid for and then deliver it back, there’s really no magic to it aside from getting a sick player to crush the opponents over and over to reach the desired elo or division or league or whatever you feel like calling.

Gamers use our phone

League of Legends Coaching – with our phone

Hello there I’d like to start by saying that since the beginning of league of legends I’ve played and well before that I’ve been involved in competitive video games to a point where I’m rather confident that any new game I can master within a short period of time compared to other players.

lol account for sale in euw

Now that being said and being a challenger in all modes of the game I’ve had to go through all the grind through all divisions and everything that any of you guys would have to go through, the best way to go about this is through some lol coaching trust me on this one.

It’s not like I’ve been blessed by something that got me into being challenger by luck or anything like that.

Therefore League of Legends (LOL) Coaching is definitely something I’ve been meaning to do for the longest time because on top of playing league of legends I’m also a professor and I can confidently say I can teach you how to play any champion in any role, regardless of the region where you play.

coaching and accounts for saleSo before you get coaching be sure you have a max level account and you have some basic knowledge of the game, at least the terminology and kind of how the game works, this is because you want to get from your coaching session the most out of and you don’t want to waste time with me explaining you the basic things that you could have easily gotten for FREE in any other website with guides like lolking or mobafire or whatever like World of Warcraft and WoW.

If you are only leveling your account then please get a brand new max level lol account for sale here in any website, and getting some lol coaching I’d recommend you get your accounts from trusted sources and websites that have been working for a long period of time and know what they are doing, not also will you get an account but you’ll receive the best attention and it will make the work a lot easier for you and for me as a coach making sure your account has everything needed.

For this I recommend boosting of League of Legends at Elitist-Gaming it’s my personal choice and I’m a coach there as well as a booster.

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